Emotions are like shadows. They are an integral part of our personality and make us who we are.

What happens if we let our shadow create its own identity?

What happens if we let the shadow walk alone?

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone is about emotions, aspirations, desires, hope, changes, expectations, pain, growing up, dreams, failures, successes and much more. It is about all of us.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone is a book of poems. Originally written in Hindi, these poems have been translated by the author himself into English to connect with one and all. Emotions are universal and they transcend all barriers of geography or age.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone passionately captures the imagination, thoughts, dreams and life through its various phases. All of these connect with one another, even though they appear disjointed many a time. They capture multiple shades. Some of them drive the simplicity of dreams and aspirations, while others contemplate a different way of thinking. Some reflect from deep within and some look far away.

The canvas of life is massive and each shade is beautiful…depending on how it is seen.

The poems in this book will speak to you in your own flow and emotions.

Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone     
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